For Sale: Historic Mansion in Gonzales, Texas

June 22, 2020

For Sale: Historic Mansion in Gonzales, Texas

1520 St. Louis Gonzales, Texas
For sale: Historic Mansion in Gonzales, Texas

Historic Mansion in Gonzales, Texas
Home of the come and take it!

 Price includes furnishings & business. Currently bringing in $35-45K in annual income as event/ STR venue. On 1 acre of natural beauty on the edge of the TX historical district. The elegant entrance opensto one of the most historic res. avenues in one of the Premier Historical Towns in TX. “Come &Take It”! Beautiful Columns, Porte-Cochere, Pool, 100+ yr. old Oak Trees. Full walk in attic &WOW check out the Speakeasy basement. Wood floors, loads of windows!



+ Built in 1912                + Five Bedroom                    +Four Bathroom
+ Hand- Hewn Hardwood Floors
+ Four Living Areas                + 11 Foot Ceilings
+ Four Fireplaces
+ Pool
+ 5,500 + Square-Foot Mansion
+ Cypress Wood Columns
+ 100 + Year Old Oak Trees
+ Speak Easy Basement
+ On One Acre of Natural Beauty
+ Full Walk In Attic              + Loads of Windows​​​​​​​

This beautiful home came onto the tax records in 1913, but past owners believe the home was started in 1910 and probably finished in late 1912. The O.B Robertson House is the epitome of gracious living in the heart of central Texas. With its classic Greek-Revival architecture, this5,500+ square-foot mansion has been home to four families over the past 100+ years, beginning when Osborn and Susan Robertson and their eight children who moved to Gonzales early 1914 and to present day Kappmeyer/Csaszar Family who own the home for short term rental and event venues.The Gonzales Mansion, featuring elegant first floor rooms for gracious dining and entertaining, the impressive staircase leads to a large second floor seating area and several large bedrooms.As was consistent with turn of the century homes, there are four living areas, 11 foot ceilings, hand-hewn hardwood floors, and four fireplaces. The downstairs Museum Section of the home with period appropriate furnishings, marble inlay fireplaces, and functional sliding doors. The piano parlor even has the original oriental themed curtains. One of the interesting cutting edge updates of this home is evidence of having one of the first central vacuum systems in the country. One may see the circled coper attachments through most of the rooms with this feature. This estate has eight massive cypress wood columns giving this home its spender of the commonly known handsome Greek Rival look. The very quaint detached garage was once the carriage house and you can see the circle drive continuing through the Porte Cochere, which would allow the horse and buggy mobility of that time to not having to back up the carriage. The one acre estate boost 20+ huge oak trees complement this stunning property.Being planted when home was built, most are 100+ years old, while a few are over 300+ years old. In the earlier 1970s a family room was added on the back on the home, not tampering with the original street appeal. Also, at this time, a gorgeous in-ground pool with hot tub, BBQ pit and an outdoor entertaining area, was also added. In the 1990s the homes kitchen was remodeled with a French Country style.The original owner/developer of this estate, Osborn Bragg Robertson, the son of L.B.T. and Rhonda West Robertson, was born in Arkabutta, Mississippi, in 1861, ninth of 11 children.When Osborn was 14-years-old, the family moved to Waelder, Texas. He graduated from Scherrers Art and Business College in Galveston. Osborne married Susan Miller in 1887. Susan was born in 1865 in Hopkinsville, Texas, the daughter of Robert L. andSarah Hopkins Miller.Moving from Tennessee in 1842, Robert Miller settled in Hopkinsville in 1860, where he marriedSara (Hopkinsville was named after Saras family). Robert and Sara moved to Waelder, Texas in1823 where Robert opened a mercantile store.Osborn Robertson became a partner with his father-in-law in 1887, first operating a family drugstore in Waelder, but soon he turned to buying and selling land. Osborn turned his investment to the bank business into the turn of the century in Gonzales. He became a principal stockholder in Gonzales State Bank and Trust Company, originally the Miller-Sayer Bank.

In 1914, Osborn secured control of the Sunset Brick and Tile Company, built in 1889 near theGonzales power plant on the Guadalupe River. Osborn later renamed the company to TheGonzales Brick Company. Branching into the farming and lumber business, Osborn also served in the Texas Legislature from 1912 to 1914. During the market crash following the depression in the late 1920s and early 1930s, Osborne and bank partners used much of their fortunes to support their banking interests in Gonzales. They were successful in saving the financial institution, which operates today.Interesting enough, this mansion is not built out of brick from Osborns GonzalesBrickCompany, as rumor has it, he wanted brick other than what was used commonly in downtown,Gonzales. He traded his brick with his friendly competitor, DHanis Brick and Tile, in SouthTexas. Most of the buildings on the Gonzales Square are built of brick from Robertsons Gonzales Brick Company.Another interesting rumor has it that the basement of The Gonzales Mansion was used as aSpeakeasy for after-hour social parties and illegally serving alcohol during the prohibition periodTexans voted for a State prohibition amendment in 1919. Until the amendments repeal in 1935, the law kept partiers underground. When the present owner purchased the home, a bar was uncovered amongst the underground storage basement. Beautifully refurbished, the Speakeasy bar is once again in action, and the worn walls speak stories of the bootlegging days with pictures displayed from probation raids in Gonzales which was found in old newspaper archives.Another interesting fact; either by its wild reputation during this period–or just its remoteness–Gonzales was briefly visited by Bonnie and Clyde who tried holding up in the Alcade Hotel, escaping from police through a second story window.The painstakingly landscaped gardens anchor the eastern edge of the official Texas HistoricMuseum District. The Mansions elegant entrance opens onto one of the most historic residential avenues in the state of Texas here in front of The Mansion is where the start of Run-awayScrape. The Historical avenue which began the march directed bySam Houston, commander in chief on the Texas army, who ordered the town of Gonzales to vacate and start marching East away from approaching Santa Annas Mexican army, which took his troops, and the population of Gonzales to eventual victory and Texas Independence in 1836. 

The O. B. Robertson Home, a.k.a The Gonzales Mansion masterfully maintained and reinterpreted into 21st century luxury living, awaits the excitement of the next history-making century in Gonzales.

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